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Monday, October 1, 2018

Man banned from local pub by worried drinkers after revealing he may have caught Monkeypox

A man was kicked out of his local pub. Worried regulars feared he was infected with monkey pox. He was ordered to leave immediately 

The man revealed his girlfriend had the virus and he was feeling sick, had supped up, staff used paper towels to put his glass in a bin.

She claims she contracted the rare disease from a patient at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital where she works, due to a lack of protection.
After she was taken to an isolation ward, her partner went for a drink.

The pub landlady said: “Regulars told him to go. They even suggested he should finish his pint outside.”
She added that no health officials have visited her pub to ease fears of customers.
The next day paramedics in bio-hazard suits arrived at the man’s home to take him to hospital.
He has been kept in the Royal Liverpool Hospital since Wednesday and is awaiting test results.

His girlfriend, 40, is in an isolation unit at Newcastle’s Royal Infirmary.

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