Dark Moon: A story of pain that has never been told by any soul

I opened my eyes I saw my friend Tola,  her sick mom and a man in black,  I was shocked .. I looked at her mother and said to her Mom!!!  Why are you doing this to me!  You promised to be the mom I never had!!!  Why!!  She said to me I can only be  the mom you never had if I am alive..  Long time ago myself and your mother married some set of poor twins..  Your father and his twin brother. 

 They were so poor that we had no clothes to wear except one wrapper myself and your mom shared,  we went to see a herbalist when the poverty got too much,  he told us he will fix a blood money for us.. But the condition will be that any of our kids will not get pregnant...  
And our husbands cannot impregnate anyone outside us..  We agreed to it cause we felt we will be able to things control. Little did we know that life will play a twist on us..  

We did what we had to do and our husbands got rich.  Your father went ahead to impregnate a woman outside when your mother couldn't give him a child as fast as he expected,  your mother got pregnant few months after that and she had complications, we went to the baba and he told us about the secret your father was hiding.. He told us what your father did will cost your mother's life.. 

Your mother give birth to you but she lost her life in the process but before she died.. She placed a curse on your father that the day he sees the child the woman outside gives birth to. "he will die" I became scared cause I didn't want to die like your mom,  so I poisoned my husband after I knew I was carrying his baby.. ...  .......  Yes!!!!!!! Your father obeyed and he didn't see the boy until recently when you came home with your boyfriend.. ...  .....     WHAT!!!  TUNDE MY BOYFRIEND IS MY HALF BROTHER????? AND I'M PREGNANT???? ... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE... Watch for next Episode.. The story is getting hotter!!!!!!   ..............................

Onyido Okwudili

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