Why Nigerians are Calling for the Stop of NCDC Bill

There has been a debate over the Control of Infectious Disease Bill that has passed the second reading in the House of Representatives.

The Bill, sponsored by the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila generated mixed-reactions on Thursday due to a clause that required “every person on an international voyage to undergo vaccination or other prophylaxis against all or any of the diseases as may be prescribed.”

Gbajabiamila had said the Control of Infectious Diseases bill, if passed into law will empower the NCDC to make it more proactive and not just reactive and function when there is an outbreak.

However, critics of the bill stated that if passed, it would aid purported forced vaccinations by the way of chip implants to manipulate humans and control their day to day activities.

It would be recalled that some lawmakers, during the presentation of the bill had questioned why the Speaker wanted the bill passed.

According to Chris Azugbogu (PDP- Anambra), the Quarantine Act does not only involved human but animals.

He noted that there was need to carry all relevant institutions along to ensure maximum productivity.

Another member of the House of Representatives,  Sergius Ogun (PDP-Edo) said that there was need to be very careful with the powers that would be conferred on NCDC to administer vaccines.

According to him, rather than pass the bill and send it to the Senate for concurrence, it should be sent to the relevant committee for more work to be done on it. RootsTv
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