COVID-19: British Foreign Secretary gives conditions before football can return

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has confirmed that the UK Government will follow medical and scientific advice before sports including football would be allowed to resume playing.

The Premier League has been suspended for over 50 days now after Mikel Arteta tested positive for coronavirus.

However, there has been a clamour for the games to resume as many people feel that fans would at least have something to look forward to.

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However, with the coronavirus still hitting the nation hard, even footballers have been worried about returning to the field of play.

When asked about a potential return for football even behind closed doors, he admitted that the return of sports would boost the spirit of the nation, but he, however, warned that a decision on its return won’t be a hasty one and they will consider both medical and scientific advice before making a decision.

Raab said as quoted by the Express “I think it would lift the spirits of the nation [for sport to return],” said Raab on Tuesday. “I think it people would like to see us get back, not just to work and get back to a stage where children can safely go to school, but to some of those pastimes and to sport in particular.

“I know the government’s had constructive meetings with sports bodies [over] plans for athletes to resume training, when it’s safe to do so. I can tell you that the Culture Secretary [Oliver Dowden] also has been working on a plan to get sports played behind closed doors when we move to the second phase. So that’s something I can tell you we’re looking at.

“Coming back to the key point, though, we can only do it when the scientific advice is that it can be done safely and sustainably. But, certainly, that’s something under active consideration.”

Arsenal players have already started outdoor training and Mikel Arteta has recovered from his infection.

The Spaniard will be ready when the teams are permitted to train as a group again.

Today Germany was given the go-ahead and almost every single nation on the planet is planning for football to return and the chances of the Premier League returning this summer are looking stronger by the day. (Justarsenal)
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