Power play between Obaseki and APC Godfathers

The power play between the All Progressives Congress (APC) godfathers and the seating governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki was deepened when he was disqualified from the APC primaries by the APC Gubernatorial Elections Committee.

Many Nigerians had foreseen such play-outs when the fallouts between the immediate past governor of the state, Adams Oshiomole who is now the estranged national Chairman, and the state governor who apparently was displeased by the activities of the ex-governor in the state under his esteemed administration.

Well meaning citizens of this nation who followed the unfolding events trailing the loggerheads between the supposed power drunk duo had predicted that what happened in Lagos between the APC Chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the immediate past governor of the state, Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode will probably be the same fate of governor Godwin Obaseki in the upcoming Edo Gubernatorial Election in the state.

For many who have followed Nigeria politics and painstakingly examined the diverse views on the theatrics embedded in the political architecture of this nation, it is not usually far from popular opinions what the eventualities of most elections are.

As political pundits, social commentators, political researchers, or even as public affairs analysts; most times, the antecedents of past political activities forms the basis for what happens in the near future. And through the provisions of past occurrences reasonable outcomes are predicted for future events which in most cases turn out just as expected.

However, the influence exerted by political bigwig in dealing with political issues reflects personal scores to be settled using their powers and offices to deal with each other and unfortunately, this is done so obviously that so many people are losing interest in the credibility of political outcomes in the country.

Be what it is, and the anticipated results of the Edo gubernatorial polls, the power that ‘be’ will remain who and what they are and the fate of many citizens of this country will continue to be decided by individuals who are perhaps only interested in controlling power for their own selfish gains.

The point is; the problems of godfatherism needs as a matter of urgency to be addressed to forestall future occurrence and prevent power drunk individuals from seizing powers. More importantly, the issues of favouritism in our political spheres should be dealt with headlong as this will prevent the support for persons with bad intentions from getting into power.

With every hand on deck, the transformation we all expect will be here in just a lick of time and every Nigerian will smile for it. 

By Emmanuel Oyebade
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