Black Moon: Only for the silver spoon to turn mud at some point of growing up, oops I was already grown (Episode 2)

BRIEF HISTORY.                       

My name is Abike Williams.. The only child of the popular business tycoon Chief and professor Mrs Williams. I didn't grow up to know who my mother was cause she died while giving birth to me , so that explains my name ABIKE. It was my mom's.  I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth..  Only for the silver spoon to turn mud at some point of growing up, oops I was already grown.  24years ..i was 24 when my father lost his business to a bad fire incident.. Then the ones outside the country were seized cause of mismanagement. Things went really bad..

That's explains why I came back to Nigeria and got a job in Lagos. I wanted to take care of my father badly, he has always taken care of me. 3years have spent in Lagos no be beans. Story for another day. ... I met my father in Lagos island club???  How now..  He smiled at me and said darling I'm sorry..  I was like daddy what are you doing here.. He said I came to take the baby in your tummy ..

Wait!  What!!  Baby???  How!!  I didn't even know I was pregnant!!!!  Okay let's talk about my boyfriend.  Tunde was my boyfriend but I couldn't tell my father.  I meet him when I came to Lagos,  he was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Have always been a bookworm,  didn't know much about love and relationship.  He was my first.. We had fun together.. Knowing I'm carrying his baby!!! I had mixed feelings because Tunde always say "We can't be together forever life will always happen" I always find that talk offensive and he never explains it. I loved him too much I can't even ask questions. He was my everything..

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