Sex outside a Relationship -Negative, Positive or Neutral (Episode 3)

 Yes!!!, understanding on the type/nature of the love shared, the said and noted dos and don'ts that help the relationship stand and of course, the future of what you both share no matter how myopic it might be.

Ever wonder why people cheat on those they claim to love?
The writer's view : cheating is way more than just sex, cheating is more of emotions, its sharing moments meant for just your partner with someone else (sex inclusive), its being dishonest by making one believe something that is not true (the promise of undying love) in order to get something (loyalty, love, etc) for one's self.

I hear people say that they fell out of love. Well, that is expected since you "fell in" in the first place. The right way is to stand in love because being in love is way more than the happy moments you share, its also about the windy and stormy times too. Why won't you fall out of love when you could not even attain stamina when coming into it in the first place.

*Kitan Falleye*



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