HP removes over 200,000 counterfeit products from Nigeria, others

HP Inc. has disclosed that it successfully obstructed a number of counterfeit trading programmes and removed close to 200,000 illicit products from Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The company said across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, over the last five years, it supported local law enforcement authorities to seize around 12.5 million items, including counterfeit cartridges, hardware products, and components.

Most recently, between October 2019 to March 2020, HP said together with local authorities in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania, they removed illicit products, including fake HP printer cartridges and components to assemble further counterfeits.

Findings from a recent HP survey in EMEA found that 91 per cent of customers believed counterfeits presented a risk to their businesses.

The survey also revealed that over 97 per cent of customers saw HP’s Customer Delivery Inspection as a valuable service for their business, while 96 per cent felt they protect them from falling victim to fraudsters.

According to the company, Customer Delivery Inspection is a free and effective feature of HP’s Anti-Counterfeit and Fraud programme that offers customers a reliable way to confirm the authenticity of their stock.

If dubious deliveries are found, the HP ACF team are proactively alerted, and can follow up with appropriate action.

The Global Lead of Supplies Anti-Counterfeit and Fraud Programme, Suanne Schoewitz-Franchi, said the company was proud of the positive feedback from customers to the CDIs.

She noted that unlike counterfeit goods, HP originals were designed to meet strict quality and reliable standards.

“With our survey finding that 91 per cent of surveyed customers believe counterfeits present a risk to their business, it is important that we continue to fight fraudulent activities and ensure our customers have access to a reliable source of information and advice so they have a peace of mind when buying HP products,” Schoewitz-Franchi said.

She added that HP maintained its commitment to protect its customers through the Anti-Counterfeit and Fraud programme as shown by its quick action to adapt CDIs in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Punch


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