Anyone agitating for Biafra is a mad person - Rev Uma

The President of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association Incorporated, Rev. Uma Ukpai, has described agitators of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, and the Indigenous People of Biafra as crazy.

Speaking on the state of Nigeria at 60 on Wednesday in Uyo, Ukpai however noted that it was right for the South East zone to produce the next President, as it was the only zone that is yet to produce a President for the country.

He emphasised that it was normal that every zone be given the chance to live and rule the country but that the agitation for Biafra was crazy as the diversity of people and culture in Nigeria was part of God’s arrangement.

He said the agitation for Biafra at this point of the nation’s history goes to show the level of the madness of the agitators, adding that though every body gets mad at some point, the difference is in the level or degree of madness.

He stated that although no country or individual was without problems, but stressed that Nigeria is a disappointment at 60, and plagued with divisive elements and people who love their tribes more than they love the nation.

In his words, he said, “It is just normal and proper that every zone be given a chance to lead, and the South East has never led Nigeria.”

“There will always be crazy people, even when people are seen to be normal. Whoever is agitating for Biafra shows the level of his own madness, but everybody is mad, the difference is the level of your madness.”

“It is a shameful and scandalous thing that Nigeria at 60 is still not a nation.”

“We are more of tribes. We love our tribes more than we love the nation. But unless we learn how to love one another, there is no future.”

“In Nigeria we are all in a hurry to reach where we are going to, so much so that we have no regards for others, no time for others and no love for others; we have no respect for others.”

“As a nation, until we love one another, we cannot notice one another, only what you love that you have time for, only where people love one another will they develop where they are.”

“In our hurry to acquire wealth, we are hardly honest. A man you don’t really notice, you cannot care for him. A man you cannot care for, you cannot serve him because to you, he does not exist.” Crimechannels


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