Avengers issues 21-day ultimatum to Federal Govt, threatens attacks on oil facilities

A coalition of militant groups from all oil-producing states Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) has threatened the resumption of hostilities in the region.

It warned multinational oil firms to evacuate its workers from rigs, platforms, and manifolds.

The coalition also declared the safety of foreign nationals working in the region will not be guaranteed.

In a statement at the weekend by Major Gen John-Mark Ezon Ebi also known as Obama, the group warned it would occupy all the major oil wells and the oil platforms and to bring down all major crude oil production pipelines to zero.

He said: “We will ensure that anything that stands on our way will be crushed without mercy. All foreign nationals working in the creek with all the multinational oil companies are hereby advised to leave the region as all our unit commanders have put on red alert to resume operation zero oil production in these new fresh demands.

”We will bring down all until our demands are met through proper engagement from the federal government or else no going back on the 21 days ultimatum issued earlier.

“And we are going to occupy all the platforms, Well Head locations and major crude oil pipelines until we see the proper channel of engagement from the federal government through this above-mentioned agency, the GMD NNPC and most especially the newly appointed Amnesty Coordinator who has promised Mr. President that he is going to engage all the aggrieved Militant group’s stakeholders and also promised to carry everybody along in other to restore peace and stability in the creek of the region.” 



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