COVID-19: Bride and groom among 32 infected at superspreader wedding in Ohio

An Ohio wedding attended by 83 guests has become the latest superspreader event in which nearly half of attendees contracted COVID-19.

The recent nuptials resulted in 32 people catching the virus - including the couple, Anthony and Mikayla Bishop, and three of their grandparents, two of which needed emergency care.

The couple told their local news station in Ohio, NBC-affiliated television station WLWT, that they had taken precautions for their big day.

With a local rise in cases, they opted to significantly reduce their guest list down from 200.

They said hand sanitiser and face masks were also distributed at the event - but apart from the couple's grandparents, very few people took up the offer, even during the close contact dancing at the reception.

Mikayla said she was surprised that people caught coronavirus at her wedding.

She said: "I didn't think that almost half of our wedding guests were gonna' get sick.

"You're in the moment. You're having fun. You don't think about COVID anymore."

This is not the first time a wedding in a US state has been responsible for an outbreak of the virus.

Events in Washington State, New York and Minnesota have led to mass virus spread.

One wedding in Maine led to 176 people contracting coronavirus - seven of whom died.

Mikayla said she started displaying symptoms while on honeymoon in North Carolina.

The newly married couple decided to cut their holiday short after receiving a call that their grandparents were unwell with the virus.

The 31 October event comes as states across the US see a sharp rise in coronavirus cases and overwhelmed hospitals have led officials to impose new restrictions on indoor businesses and schools.

The state of Ohio is one of several where cases have surged the past two weeks - increasing from 221,000 on 2 November to 305,000 on Monday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

It now faces a curfew in an attempt to curb this rise in cases. (Sky News)


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