Most Popular Man On Tinder Finds Love After Deleting Application

The most sought-after man on Tinder has found love in lockdown after ditching the popular dating app to start a romance with his model friend.

Stefan Pierre-Tomlin, from London, was crowned the most popular man on Tinder after more than 14,600 people swiped right for him in just two years as reported in The Daily Mail.

However, despite hoards of potential suitors showing their interest in him, the male model, 30, struggled to find his true love on any subsequent dates from the app and started to give up hope of finding love – until he found a real-life match in his modelling colleague, Egle Damulyte, 26.

Stefan met the Lithuanian model, who is known as Damu, two years ago during a photo shoot, although the pair decided to keep their relationship purely professional.

He finally decided to reach out to her last year because he ‘really fancied her’ and asked her on a date after the first lockdown in June.

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the smitten pair have managed to form a budding romance and have already moved in together in Greenwich, southeast London.

During the first lockdown last March, Stefan thought he might be ‘lonely’ so hopped back on Tinder but yet again had no luck with finding his soulmate.

He admitted that he felt like he was a ‘love charity for lonely people in lockdown’ and finally gave up on the dating app because he didn’t feel like he was going to meet anyone.

Back in March, I just thought I was going to be lonely throughout the lockdown. I did hop on Tinder for a while. I was just chatting to people and getting to know everyone. I put my pin in lots of different places in the world and hopped around. I felt like a love charity for lonely people in lockdown. I had so much more time to focus on the app and chat to different women, whereas beforehand I was always out on jobs. But didn’t really feel like I was going to meet someone and ended up leaving it in the end.



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