Uganda election, clarion call for African youths - Pan-African Youth Commissioner

Following the defeat of Bobi Wine in the just-concluded Uganda’s presidential election, Commissioner for Youth Political Participation, Pan-African Youth Union (PYU), Ambassador Oladele Nihi, has described the outcome of the election as a slap on the faces of African youths and a clarion call on Nigerian youths. 

Ambassador Nihi, in a statement on Sunday, called on African youths to fight against what he described as “recycled leadership and analogue democracy”.

He said: “History was made in Uganda on January 14, as the world watched the outcome of the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections. 

“And as predicted by majority of election observers, the voices of the people were submerged in a total eclipse of political hazard, in which the country’s preferable candidate, Bobi Wine, became a victim.

“African Youths should come awake and take their destinies in their hands, by putting an end to recycled leadership, and analogue democracy.”

The youth Commissioner further stated that this should serve as a lesson for Nigerian Youths; as the country approaches another general elections come 2023. 

“The agitation of the People Power, Our Power Movement in Uganda is synonymous to what GYB2PYB Youth Support Group stands for, which is why we are urging Governor Yahaya Bello to contest for President, and lead the youths from the front as we take back what is rightfully ours,” Mr. Nihi said. 

In the election, the incumbent President, Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled the country since 1986, was re-elected with 5,851,037 (58.64%), as against his opponent, Bobi Wine, who scored 3,475,298 (34.83%). 

Bobi Wine is a politician, singer, actor and businessman, who currently serves as Member of Parliament for Kyadondo County East constituency in Wakiso District, in Uganda’s Central Region.

He is also the leader of People Power, Our Power Movement in opposition to President Yoweri Museveni. Vanguardngr


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