COVID-19: 303 doctors died during pandemic in Indonesia

As many as 303 doctors died due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in Indonesia, according to the Indonesia Medical Association on Thursday. 

Among the 303 doctors, 169 were general practitioners, 129 specialists, and five resident doctors.

The oldest doctors who died of COVID-19 were aged between 81 and 85 old, and the number stands at six. 

The youngest were aged between 28 and 30, and the number stands at 11.

January 2021 is the month with the highest fatality of doctors due to the pandemic which stood at 57, while in December 2020 the virus killed 55 doctors in the country. 

The provinces with the highest death toll of doctors due to the pandemic are East Java (60), followed by Jakarta (44), Central Java (44), West Java (34), and North Sumatra (27). 



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