Fidelity Bank gives salary account owners access to finance

Fidelity Bank has launched a product that would enable salary account owners in the bank to determine when they can access their monthly pays.

During the virtual launch of the product, called ‘Pay Yourself’ on Friday, the Chief Technological Officer, Fidelity Bank, Mr Christopher Onyeneke, said this was part of the bank’s efforts to make finance accessible to its customers.

He said the bank came up with its digital transformation drive because one if its main priorities was to empower its employees.

This led the bank to give the workers control over their salary payments by launching the product, and afterwards, extending it to the bank’s salary account customer to also be beneficiaries.

He said, “Because we have used it for 11 months, we have seen the benefits, we also want to extend the benefits to our customers so that they are able to extend this control over their salaries, knowing when they pay themselves their salaries.

“The bank’s mission is to make finance accessible to our customers.”

On  of the benefits, he added, was that it had helped them to be in control of their finances because they could determine when to receive their salaries, from the midnight that the last salary was due, till anytime the month ends.

“I don’t have to wait till when the HR department pays, so that gives me that control over my finances,” he said.

He also said it gives the convenience of eliminating manual processes; it is automated, and also gives time for people to have the chance to focus on more strategic things.

Onyeneke urged salary earners to open their salary accounts with the bank to be a beneficiary of the product. Punch


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