5 Things You Can DIY For Your Wedding

Almost everything that comes with planning a wedding calls for an expense. From the wedding decor to the wedding food, it seems impossible to cut costs.
On the bright side, you can still manoeuvre your way if you find a particular wedding item too exorbitant.

Of course, you should ensure to DIY your items months before your wedding and keep them safe. Having to DIY a month or weeks into your wedding will stress you out.

For lovers of DIY, here are five things you can DIY for your wedding:

Invitation Cards
With the help of the internet, you can easily use certain apps to help you make a simple classic design for your wedding invitation cards. One popular app is Canva. With numerous wedding templates to choose from, all you need to do is input your details, and you're good to go.
You can either decide to email your invitation cards to your guests or work with an affordable printer to help print your cards in high resolution.


Goody Bags
Goody bags are another set of items you can easily make before your wedding. You can go to an art market or gifts markets with a friend, your spouse or a family member to shop for materials you can use for these.


A lot of brides spend a lot of money buying a bouquet or getting it from a wedding planner. However, you can DIY your bouquet. Work with a florist or go shopping for beautifully coloured flowers. You can use youtube to help you with tutorials on how to properly assemble your bouquet before your wedding.

Wedding Favours
You can decide to hand sew these parcels or work with a tailor to help you design little bags that can work for your gifts


Table Numbers
Table numbers don't have to be extravagant. Once you've figured out the number of guests, you can work out the numbers on a fancy paper.

DIY can be fun when you do it the right way. As stated earlier, ensure that you're doing this way before your wedding date to avoid stress or intense pressure. Sugarweddings


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