Why It Is Important To Be Open To New Ideas And Change In A Business, As Per Bryan Nolan

While some entrepreneurs have multiple interests, others have a single niche. Entrepreneur and investor, Bryan Michael Nolan, found enormous success in what he knows best: the nightlife industry. Living and working just outside the bustling city of Chicago, Nolan is the owner of Royale Society Nightlife and All Access Chicago. At only 33 years old, he has a net worth of $5 million.

A self-described, wild influencer, and family guy, Nolan went against convention and started his business hustles when he was a teenager.

Having been in the nightlife/hospitality scene for over a decade, he put his connections to good use by founding his marketing and promotional companies covering Chicago’s numerous restaurants and nightclubs.

Nolan has booked and managed major hip-hop and EMD performances by artists such as Drake and Tiësto Marshmello. He owns what he calls “old ground socials” like Masgchi and The Hubbard Inn.

Good relationships with the management teams at hundreds of venues have opened many doors for Nolan and his talented team. He attributes his success to constant networking and a strong work ethic, plus Nolan is always open to fresh ideas and new possibilities that could help his empire grow.

Previously, Nolan was not quite as open to new ideas and change, which he considers one of his biggest mistakes. Learning from this error, he is now much more open-minded and welcomes marketing ideas that offer results. Nolan has made a name for himself by being genuine, serving his community, and building a great team that has been a critical component of his success.

Bryan Nolan came to dominate his niche with focus, creativity, discipline, and commitment. He has accomplished his goal of acing his businesses thanks to the time and energy he invested in his endeavors. He advises fledgling entrepreneurs that if they are not prepared to put in the same efforts, the show will stop before it even begins. Leadershipng


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