Social Media Has Enhanced Half Million Coffee Operations, Alshehr

Founder of Half Million Coffee, Meshal Khalid H. Alshehri, said that social media has enhanced operations of the company.

The Saudi Arabian born entrepreneur, who started Half Million Coffee from a humble beginning some years ago, sits atop a growing business entity that has since gone global with the opening of multiple branches in about three continents

With shops and outlets in Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, USA and Africa, Half Million Coffee is striving for the top of the pack and key to achieving cohesion in the continued growth trajectory is the strategic use of social media.

Speaking on how social media has shaped the upward trajectory of Half Million Coffee, Alshehri said, “we have been using social media in the branding and marketing of your business.

“I regularly use social media to make advertisements and do promotions. The beauty of social media is that it connects faster and quicker with the target audience or other audiences that tend to love our business offering

“Social media is also engaging and it’s good for the business that we do because we want to engage customers online just as we engage them when they are having a nice time drinking our coffee blends in our cosy and serene cafes anywhere in the world,” he said. 

Despite his passion and zeal to make a success out of Half Million Coffee, Alshehri said that he had doubts on the viability of the coffee shop that is now doing extremely well financially.

Speaking on the fears he had and the initial challenges he encountered when starting Half Million Coffee, Alshehri said, “Internet marketing was one area that I was having difficulties and deeply challenged because of the many issues that surround it

“But I did not allow it to faze me down or affect my business adversely. Thankfully now, I have overcome them all and everything is moving according to projections.”

Answering a question on the challenges that came his way when starting Half Million Coffee and how he was able cross the barriers, Alshehri said: “reaching out to suppliers of high quality and original coffee presented its peculiar problems because there are more than one type and there are luxury and regular ones

“To get good product, you will at first come in contact with products that are not up to the highest level required but because I know what I want and patiently searched for the suppliers of the best quality products.” Leadershipng 


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