Dutch Tourist Dies After Swallowing Own Car Keys In Spain

A Dutch tourist choked to death after swallowing his car keys while in Spain because locals could not understand him as he begged for help.

The unnamed 37-year-old swallowed his car keys by accident while on holiday in Barcelona with his family, Daily Mail reported.

He entered a shopping centre in the district of Sarria-Sant Gervasi and pleaded for help but was kicked out by security because they could not understand what he was saying.

He collapsed outside the centre and security guards attempted to resuscitate him before paramedics arrived and discovered the car keys lodged in his throat.

Medics removed the keys and managed to stabilise the 37-year-old before taking him to Sant Pau Hospital, but he died a short while later on August 5.

Security officers said the man entered the shopping centre in the morning and appeared animated and excited.

It it is unclear if shoppers could not understand him because he was speaking Dutch or because he was unable to speak at all because he had swallowed the car keys.

Security asked the man to leave because he was creating a disturbance and forced him out of the centre when he refused.

It remains unclear how, or why, the man swallowed his car keys and Barcelona police have taken over the case.

The family were staying near the shopping centre on Riera de Cassoles avenue in Barcelona.

Authorities are supporting the family and have informed the Dutch consulate, as well as the Barcelona City Council, of the incident. Theguardianng 


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