Your Guide to an Exciting Honeymoon Experience

This is it — it's time for the honeymoon! While your wedding was a chance for you and your partner to celebrate with your loved ones, your honeymoon is time to just enjoy each other's company without any other distractions. And of course, you can also do a bit of sightseeing and exploring too!

Since you'll definitely want to make your honeymoon an experience to remember, below are some sure-fire tips to make this experience one that you'll cherish forever.


Have a Free day or Two: 
You probably already have your hotel and tour reservations booked, but you should still aim to leave a day or two with nothing planned. Quite a number of travel agents note that honeymoons are typically longer than a usual holiday, which means there's no pressure to pack your schedule with things to do. After all, there are few things more meaningful than simply relaxing with your partner and enjoying each other's company.


Pack your Favourite confidence-boosting Clothes: 
Packing clothes you feel best in can really take your confidence to the next level. This is exactly why Chrizelle Diaz’s guide to the most flattering lingerie recommends confidence and comfort as your two main priorities when choosing the best lingerie for you.

Whether you’re wearing a sultry and lacy bodysuit or a silky matching set, choosing intimates that work best for you will really affect how you carry yourself both in and out of the bedroom. It’s just like a hidden superpower — and who doesn’t want to have superpowers?

Go Dancing: 
To add a bit of steam and fun into your honeymoon, why not lose yourself to the music? Even if you're travelling somewhere nearby, you can easily find a chill club or dance hall to let loose.

The energy of everyone else is infectious, while the fact that you're among strangers will really allow you and your partner to focus on each other. Bonus points if the place you're going to has yummy drinks for a quick refresher afterwards.


Do at least one Exciting Activity: 
While we mentioned the importance of taking it easy early on, a great way to spice up your honeymoon is to do something adventurous too!

Whether it's bungee jumping or going on a mountain hike, a fun activity will definitely make your honeymoon one to remember. After all, studies as far back as 1974 show that adrenalin and sexual arousal may be linked! Of course, the key is to find an activity that's the right level of excitement. Stay away from anything too death-defying or stressful, as you'll still want to make it out of your honeymoon alive!


Plan a surprise: 
To make your honeymoon truly one to remember, plan a surprise meal or event for your partner. You can opt to work with the hotel to arrange something special. If you're someone who finds it particularly hard to keep a secret, just remind yourself of how surprised your partner will be when you make the big reveal!

Our previous post on How to Find Affordable Honeymoon Travel Fares points out that you can plan a great honeymoon even while on a budget. These tips are great ways to make your honeymoon an exciting one, and something you'll remember for years to come. Sugarweddings 



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