8 Nigerian Celebrities in sex tape scandals affecting Nigerian youth

It is normal for people, including celebrities to have sex. But for some reason though, some people would want to document the experience. Unfortunately, some of this delicate and confidential documentation in the form of sex tapes are not well protected, or due to the euphoria of the moment which coitus tend to create, which gets to the best of us, some of our favourite celebrities get carried away while making this sex videos or tapes, and at times they tend to fall into the wrong hands. With many celebrities suffering public odium.

Super talented Nigerian Afrobeat Queen Tiwa Savage joined the league a while back and in a bid to show that she’s only human and not the first to suffer such a grave sexual mishap, we bring back to memory, 8 Nigerian celebrities, 2 male and 6 female celebrities who have suffered leaked sex tapes and nudes scandals:

  1. Tiwa Savage

The mother of one is the talk of the town since after her sex video with his boyfriend was leaked on social media. She claimed the video was mistakenly posted on Snapchat by her lover who deleted it almost immediately.

Before the sex tape was released, Tiwa had come out to alert the public that some persons were in possession of her sex video, and were trying to blackmail her with it by asking for a pay-off.

2. Maryam Usman Hiyana

Maryam Hiyana, as she is popularly called, is a model, a former Kannywood actress and philanthropist. She is the first Northern Nigerian to have her nude leaked on social media.

Her sex tape with boyfriend Usman Bobo got leaked in 2007. She moved on with her life and was married in 2008.

3. Maryam Booth

In 2020, the Kannywood actress and model’s three-second video got leaked. She was captured naked while dressing up. Booth had stated that the video was sneakily recorded while she was dressing.

The award-winning actress accused her ex-boyfriend, Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai, known as Deezell, of always blackmailing and threatening to release the nude video on social media.

4. Chidinma Okeke:

The former Miss Anambra became an internet sensation when a video of her performing sexual activities, with a fellow lady leaked on the internet. The beauty queen has denied being in the video but the proof is in the pudding.

5. Nengi:

Former BBNaija star, Rebecca Nengi Hampson, is yet another female celebrity that has a leaked sex tape. The sex tape of the curvy damsel was allegedly leaked by her ex-boyfriend who goes by the name “Naughty Kay”.

An unconfirmed source allegedly said that “Naughty Kay” took to the sex tape video to his Twitter handle to post, which went viral with the caption, “Bitch ain’t grateful”.

6. Ronke Tiamiyu: 

Popular Nollywood actress and model Ronke Tiamiyu mistakenly shared a video that showed her masturbating. A sexual video of the former beauty queen went viral a couple of years back after a video of her masturbating leaked or was shared unconsciously on her Snapchat page. It seems Snapchat is the place for sex tape leaks.

7. Wande Coal:

Wande Coal is one of the first Nigerian celebrities to have his nude images shared online, and caused a major stir when it was leaked some 11 years back. The Black Diamond Boss was pictured naked sleeping in bed by one of his numerous female troupees after one of his escapades.

8. Brymo: 

Known for his unconventional style when it comes to his art, Brymo again wowed with not just his music, but the cover photo for the new single when he posed nude on it. This photo, of course, got many wagging, but again, at whom? The master of creativity itself?

This isn’t a plea of condolence for celebrities who might have suffered the sex tape scandals, but rather just an honest and valid discussion that sex is a basic human desire, that every human has a right to enjoy, and partake in be it a celebrity or not. And the ways and manner two consenting adults choose to enjoy it be it on record or behind closed doors is also their right to keep. Further noting when sex tapes happen there is the need for the attention never to be on the victim, but the perpetrators of such heinous evil.  (koko)


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