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Friday, August 12, 2022

August 12, 2022

“Stop pitying Annie Idibia” – Bisi Alimi speaks on actress’ marriage

Popular gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi gives a take on the storm surrounding Annie Idibia‘s marriage with 2Face Idibia.

This comes following a lengthy apology penned by the singer some days ago which stirred speculations of impregnating another woman despite his long list of baby mamas

In reaction to the Idibia family saga, Bisi Alimi emphasized that Annie Idibia deserved everything the marriage offered as she is an enabler of it all.

“Annie Idibia is an enabler, stop having pity for her. Men like Tuface, need women like Annie to make the puzzle complete. Good luck to them both,” he wrote. Gistreel 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

August 09, 2022

2face Is Expecting Baby No. 8 From Another Woman (Not Annie Idibia)

It is being reported that 2face Idibia is expecting another baby with yet to be disclosed female partner, which was why he 

posted the lengthy apology to his wife and other baby mamas earlier this week.

2face already has 7 children from 3 women including his wife, Annie Idibia, it is unknown at this point if the 8th child 

is with one of the baby mamas or with a new woman altogether. 2face was gathered to employ some good old damage control 

measures after realization of the latest pregnancy. It seems the Idibia clan is about to get a lot bigger now. Congrats to 

the former king of Afrobeats in advance


Saturday, April 9, 2022

April 09, 2022

Fear of death made me call out Annie Idibia – Brother, Wisdom Macaulay

Wisdom Macaulay, an elder brother of actress, Annie Idibia, who called her out last week has said that he is embarrassed by his actions.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, he said, “I feel embarrassed bringing my family issues to the public. I brought this to the public because I was ‘mobbed’. I had an issue with my sister.

“I drove out to cool off with the intention of coming back with her car. But, she sent a mob to me and they were hitting my car. I had to run, leaving my phones and other items in the car. I did what I did because I was being chased and I did not know what would happen next. I felt I should put out that video if it was going to be the last time people would hear from me.”

On his allegation that Annie introduced him to drugs, Macaulay said, “That’s absolutely not true. I said that because I was depressed and angry. She just took away my job and it meant she took away food from my mouth. After she took away the job and shut down the company (we formed), I knelt down and begged her with tears in my eyes in the presence of her children and staff. She walked out on me, saying she does not want to have anything to do with me.

“I and Annie had an agreement that when the clothing company (we established) grew, I would get a percentage of it. At a point, we were growing and making money. However, when she was away in South Africa, she got some complaints that the materials which were being delivered were not the same (quality of) materials we started with. She then decided to shut down the company even after I had spent over a year working on it. That was why I called her out.”

Wisdom also stated that no member of his family had reached out to him since he called out his sister. He said, “My immediate family members have not reached out to me since I called out Annie. Not even Annie (has reached out). The only person who reached out to me was 2Baba. He has tried to encourage me. My mum has not reached out to me because she would not want to do anything that would go against my sister’s wishes because most times, she (Annie) is the one that looks out for her.” Punchng 


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