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Israel prime minister, Naftali Bennett rise to power

Naftali Bennett wey dey likely to become Israel next prime minister afta opposition parties agree to form new goment wey go end di 12 year rule of Benjamin Netanyahu na former military commander and tech millionaire wey claim to dey more conservative pass di current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Oga Bennett bin get dream to be prime minister for long and e be like say im dream go come true as im party, Yamina win some seats during di last kontri general election.

Although im party come fifth wit seven Members of Parliaments, oga Bennett get di position of Kingmaker as im support dey important for di oppositions wey wan take over power.

Di oppositions offer am di role of di Premiership, di same wit that of oga Netanyahu wey don dey power since 2009.

Who be Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett na 49 years old and e bin serve as Chief of Staff to di Prime Minister from 2006 to 2008 until dem get kwanta. E comot oga Netanyahu party go join di right-wing national religious Jewish Home party. Im also become member of parliament afta e make im party win for di 2013 election.

E bin serve as minister for every coalition goment until 2019, when im newly formed New Right alliance no win any seats for that year election. Eleven months later, oga Bennett return to parliament as head of Yamina party.

Pipo dey always describe am as ultra-nationalist but e describe imself as more conservative pass oga Netanyahu.

Naftali Bennett dey open for im support for Israel as di Jewish nation state and Jewish historical and religious claims to di West Bank, East Jerusalem and di Syrian Golan Heights - territory wey Israel don occupy since di 1967 Middle East war.

E bin champion di right of Jewish settlement for di West Bank although he tok say Israel no get claims on Gaza. More than 600,000 Jews dey live for about 140 settlements for di West Bank and East Jerusalem, wey dey considered illegal by almost di entire international community, though Israel no gree.

Oga Bennett sabi English well-well and e like media. E dey always appear on foreign TV networks dey defend Israel actions.

Oga Bennett bin reject di idea of di creation of a Palestinian state wit Israel. Inside one interview e do for February 2021, e say "As long as I get power and control, I no go hand over one centimetre of Israeli land.

E disagree to one agreement wit Gaza Hama's rulers wey cause fight for 2018.

Oga Bennett political rise follow im success for military and business.

Im serve for two branches of di Isreali special forces during di time e dey for army. Later e start im tech companies and become multimillionaire in di process.

Eduring one interview for 2014 wen e dey tok about im wealth, e say "I no dey chop 17 steaks and I no get private plabe or yatch. That one buy me freedom to do wetin I wan do." BBC


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