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Wizkid’s US Tour Flops As American Embassy In Lagos Delays Visa Appointment For 10 Crew Members

SaharaReporters learnt that the crew members including his personal stylist and bodyguard are held down in Lagos over their inability to secure a date for an interview at the US Embassy.

At least 10 crew members of Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Balodun, more commonly Wizkid, who are expected to perform with him during his ‘Made in Lagos’ tour in the United States are currently stranded in Lagos.

SaharaReporters learnt that the crew members including his personal stylist and bodyguard are held down in Lagos over their inability to secure a date for an interview at the US Embassy.

The tour which was announced in July, would see Wizkid performing in US cities from September 10 till October 16.

A source told SaharaReporters that Nigerians aspiring to travel out of the country to the US now buy visa interview dates at the rate of N500,000 to N1million.
“Look at how US Embassy is messing Nigerians up, To get appointment is now up to you able to settle guys up to N500,000 per person, Some N1million depends on how desperate you are,” he said.

He continued, “It is rather unfortunate having gone all the way with so many expenditures involved just to appeal for a reasonable closer date for visa appointments in the US Consulate but all to no avail, for a certain number of well-respected citizens of Nigeria who happen to be the most integral crew to the star musician, Ayodeji Balogun, known as Wizkid.

“Even after being fully aware of the commencement of his Made in Lagos tour, slated for 10th September to 17th of October 2021; his tour which commenced on the 10th of September 2021 has depicted a rather low performance so far as he is unable to fully function without his full team managing stage production.

“The tour currently is ongoing at the northern part of the United State of America. It is not news to the U.S government; the large volume of revenue to be generated even after taxes have been remitted; the exposure that will be given to all cities that Wizkid is likely to touch down at.

“After so much back and forth appeals to settle for the nearest date to close the already existing loopholes, the fairest date issued is September 21. This is rather a scenario of serving medicine after death. One will wonder why it costs an arm, a leg and even a foot just for Nigerians to obtain reasonable visa appointments dates, while the reverse is the case for foreigners as the majority get to have their visas upon arrival and the case is closed.

“His personal stylist is still here in Nigeria, Close bodyguard is here, Saxophonist is here and others. So far, his performance has dropped. It’s so sad.”

Another source told SaharaReporters that the star musician could be in the US without his crew members till the end of the tour going by the “inefficiency of the US Embassy.” Saharareporters

Musician Skepta Reveals the Advice Wizkid Gave Him on His First Time as a Father

British rapper, Skepta has revealed that his friend and Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid once helped him with advice when he became a father for the first time.

Wizkid and Skepta spoke to Native Mag on the occasion of Fathers Day in an interview published on Saturday, the 19th of June 2021. Skepta shared that fatherhood is a game-changer in many ways. He explained that he and Wizkid have always been the people that others look up to. The rapper said that it feels good to have someone who is your blood now looking up to you. In his words;

How comes I keep taking on that position? But I get that [now]. We’re just blessed with that kind of energy and we’re always going to look after people because of the way we’ve grown up; it was hard. We come from mad places, if we can give to others, we will. So with the fatherhood ting now, it’s just a blessing in the sense that at least every time I step out of my house, if I’m staying in the studio till stupid o’clock, I can look and know that it’s for someone that’s my blood.

Wizkid also explained that giving birth to his first child at a young age meant he had to grow up really fast. He said everything about him changed from when he gave birth to his first son;

I had my first child when I was 21, so I kind of had to be 30 years old immediately. Fatherhood just puts everything into perspective. We’re young, we’re all moving fast in a world where you’re just trying to create your own lane. You don’t really know where everything is going to go, so when your kid comes, you realise that this is the essence of everything, you know? From the first time I got that call that I was having my first son, I changed the way I move, the way I hustled. Everything changed. That was when I actually started putting everything together. Before, I was just all over the place – with niggas, in the studio, [in] hotels – mad life. But when you get a kid, that’s the blessing, it’s just in front of you. It helps you man; it changes you and everything.

Skepta also revealed that Wizkid was one of the people that advice him when he gave birth for the first time, being a father himself already;

Obviously Wiz was a father before me innit. I remember when I was finally having my daughter – you can probably hear her in the back –  he just told me “you’ve got it.” You feel like when you have a child, it’s going to stop your money, it’s going to stop your swag, it’s going to stop the way you move. You worry that you’re going to turn into a parent, the same parent that you’ve had on your nerves this whole time. But I remember him telling me “you got it, you’re still going to be you, just a super-version of yourself.” That was one thing I remember, if we’re talking about advice, I remember him telling me “you got it.” (Notjustok)


Ent: Davido clarifies alleged rift with Wizkid

Nigerian musician, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has revealed that there is no rift going on between him, and his fellow musician, Wizkid.

David, during a Black Box Interview with Ebuka Obiuchendu, revealed that he always looked forward to doing better because of Wizkid.

According to him, he was inspired with his work and also the fact that he was young and making waves for himself.

He further revealed that he felt they both had a hidden war between themselves because they saw each other as competitors.

He, however, said he loves Wizkid and he sees him as a brother.

“The first time I saw Wizkid was when he was invited for our Christmas party sometime in the past.

“We gradually got to know each other because I was motivated to do music because of him.

“At that time we were really cool friends and I also featured him in one of mt songs, ‘Dami Duro’.

“I think the little misunderstanding or silent beef between us started when my music started to make waves in the industry too.

“I can’t say it’s from my own end because I have always maintained the fact that I love Wizkid and he is like a brother to me.

“I just feel he saw me as a competitor and that was it.

“But I love Wizkid, it has always been real love from my end,” he said. Dailypost


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